Get Lucky 7k 2014

Right before St. Patrick’s day, some friends and I participated in the Get Lucky 7k Run in the Twin Cities.  This was my first 7k ever and my only second race since the Warrior’s Dash two years ago.  I have to say it was a lot of fun.  Even though it was a tad cold, it was still exhilarating and challenging.

getluckybeforerace2Here is a picture of us before the race.  In the background you can see some snow.  It was very brisk to say the least but once we got running and heating up it wasn’t so bad.

Both of my other friends are better and faster runners than me.  Leevie (the person to the far left in the picture) kept our pace.  Initially, I had no issues with keeping up with them.  It was faster than I am use to typically running.  I can do about a 9:30 minute mile for a 3k and we would later learn that at the end of this race I was running about 8:41 miles.  It is truly incredible what adrenaline can help you do.

A 7k is about 4.5 miles and at the pace we were running I was running out of gas around the 2 1/2 mile marker.  I started to slow down to which Leevie and Jonathan (the guy in the middle) would spur me on.  I would tell them to run on, but they would stay back and urge me to keep up.  It was encouraging and I was fighting back the side cramps that started to inflict me.

When I run, I typically keep my head down and just focus on the task at hand.  In fact, on the race path there were all different types of Irish themed bands playing, children dancing, people taking pictures…. none of which I recall because I was so focused.  I remember looking and seeing Leevie waving happily to people.  I didn’t have the energy to spare to give out a wave.

Near the end of the race, I heard Jonathan yell out to me.  I looked up from my running and I searched for him in the crowd.  He then pointed up in the distance and there I saw the finish line banner.  It literally was all I needed to see.  With that I pulled together all of my energy and exploded off in a fast sprint – passing by Jonathan and yelling at Leevie to get moving because we were going to end this run in style.  I kept running faster and faster and faster.  I just pushed myself harder and harder letting everything in me rocket me to the finish line.


My finished results.  I finished the 7k in 37:43.  Which was below our goal of 40 minutes.

Here is how we looked after the race.

getluckyafterraceI was barely hanging on there, still recovering from that last sprint.

It was a great experience and I look forward to the next one and even running this race again next year to see if I can improve my time.




Finding my way…

When I am not able to run, I find that to burn off the energy I turn to walking.  I am not able to run for a number of reasons.  Most of the time it comes down to I am in a location where it is not feasible for me to run.  I don’t really have gear to run outside since 100% of my running is done on a treadmill.  The other times I am unable to run is when I am injured preventing me from running or I am still sore for the last run escapade.

I don’t do any real weight lifting.  I do probably about 30 mins of resistance training a day.  But I need to do something cardiovascular.  Pushing weights and lifting, just don’t do it for me.  I love running and getting the rush.  Walking is a nice compromise for me when I can’t run.

I enjoy especially doing it outside.  It is relaxing and comfortable for me.  I take my time most of the time and admire the view.  Normally my head is down and I get to see all the tracks the people and animals make.

When I start walking I just pick a direction and go and I really just let fate and my desire dictate where I go from there.  I walk until something interests me and then I follow that path to see where it leads me.

And the weather doesn’t really bug me either.  Don’t get me wrong, I prefer it to be warm.  I hate the cold.  I hate the snow.  But I don’t let the elements stop me from walking.  I dress for the weather, put on my headphones, and just go walking.

Typically I go alone as well.  But from time to time my son and my wife have joined me.  My son more than my wife because I usually take him to a restaurant or some local movie theater in town.  He enjoys the quiet time.  Most of the time we just listen to our music, enjoy the view, take some pictures, and just enjoy the moment.



Day 1: Starter Yeast

So I showed up to Mac’s house on Sunday half way through the Vikings and Packers game.  Yeah, we should be watching the game, but this year the Vikings are doing so poorly, I just don’t the constitution to watch them lose another game or have an extremely poor performance.  When I left my home, the score was 7-3 Packers and it was getting close to the end of the 2nd quarter.  So yeah, let’s go make beer!

When I showed up at Mac’s house he had all the tools and ingredients we would need to brew the beer.  The beer we were going to make was called Dead Ringer IPA that was a kit that Mac had bought at Northern Brewery

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Brewing Beer

If you know anything about me, I love craft beer.  I enjoy all the different flavors and types of beer that is out there.  And typically I would rather just pick up a six pack at my local liquor store or go to my favorite watering hole for a good pint or two rather than brew my own.  I know there is a lot of work.  I use to brew my own wine until I discovered wine gave me one hell of a headache.  Now I avoid the stuff except on very special occasions.

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Day 2: Stationary Bike

So a quick recap.  Dee and I signed up for the Warrior’s Dash here in Minnesota on September 8th.  And yes, it is almost July and I have started any training at all.

Recently, Dee and I were at the River’s Edge Fest in downtown St. Paul.  As I was people watching at all the interesting Minnesotans, I saw a number of men that were my age or older and for the most part they were in good shape.  A number of them were throwing around a Frisbee or playing hackey sack. I think it hit me then that I need to get in better shape.

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